For Community Partners
Extra care and support for those you serve.
We are a reliable partner to provide wrap-around medical services at no cost through new Medi-Cal programs.
  • Services include virtual urgent care, medication management, grocery delivery, housing navigation, and more!
  • Dedicated 1:1 support for high-needs individuals, including physical, mental, and social support services
  • Community health worker training at no cost -- get compensated for the services you already offer
  • All funded by the Enhanced Care Management and Community Health Worker benefit under Medi-Cal's CalAIM program
Pair Team works with all types of community based organizations.
Shelters and Residential Facilities
Our shelter partners lean on Pair Team for wraparound medical and behavioral care. Typically, a referral to Pair Team becomes a standard step during shelter intake.
Case Managers and Probation
Our case manager and probation partners rely on Pair Team for escalated cases which require extra care. Whenever a client needs enhanced support or case management, Pair Team is just a call away.
Food Banks and Drop-in Centers
By enrolling clients from food banks and drop-in centers into Pair Team's care, we can help to address their root social issues and "stop the revolving door".
Transportation Providers
The individuals you transport are eligible for our services. Get in touch today to learn how we can compensate you for the work you're already doing.
Other Social Support Services
We work with Community Partners of all kinds. Get in touch today to learn more.

Partnering with Pair Team

You play a critical role in your community—and we're here to help you.

Right now

With Pair Team

You provide life-changing services, but can't address every need for every client.
Pair Team can support your clients to address any needs which fall outside the services your organization provides.
Your organization needs to continuously seek funding via donations or restrictive grants.
Pair Team provides sustainable income to compensate you for the work you're already doing.
Clients keep returning to your organization because they have underlying root issues which aren't being addressed by the system.
Pair Team works with you and healthcare providers to identify and address the patient's root issues, stopping the "revolving door."

Great partnership, adaptable team, great follow up, and person-focused care…Pair Team helped us get support for individuals where we do not have the capacity.

- Corey Romo, Family Service Association of Redlands

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