We connect underserved communities to high quality care.

Pair Team connects vulnerable patients to local care teams that help them overcome barriers and get convenient access to the right physical, mental, and social services.
Our Partners
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How it Works
Our Care Team provides whole-person care as a free service to our patients.
Our Care Teams connect the dots by coordinating care and resources across partners in our network. This ensures seamless and trustworthy care for the populations we serve.
Community Health Worker
Registered Nurse
Behavioral Health Clinician
Nurse Practitioner
Our Network
We partner with local community organizations to support vulnerable members.
Pair Team forms a commited network of partners in all shapes and sizes, offering technical assistance, training, and sustainable revenue to improve outcomes and wellbeing for our community.
Independent PCPs
Large providers and FQHCs
EDs, Hospitals, and Health Systems
IPAs and MSOs
Counties and Municipalities
Shelters and Residential Facilities
Case Managers and Probation
Food Pantries and Drop-In Centers
Transportation Providers
Other Social Support Services

For Primary Care Providers

Provide care beyond the clinic for your most vulnerable patients.

We offer additional support, care coordination, and behavioral resources to your most complex patients.  This is all funded by the Enhanced Care Management benefit of Medi-Cal, and there's no cost to you.

We provide additional revenue to your practice, improved quality scores for your most unengaged patients, and reduce burden and work for your staff.

For Community Based Organizations

Partner with us to meet your client’s medical and social needs.

We offer free, wrap-around care for your clients in need of extra support. Each of our patients has access to a Care Manager and a variety of resources, such as virtual urgent care, free grocery delivery, housing navigation, and more.

Get compensated for the services you already offer. Pair Team compensates our Community Partners for the role they play in our patients' care.

Health Plans

We partner with plans to build community networks that engage hard-to-reach members to address their social and clinical care gaps. More than 90% of the members we serve have not seen their PCP.

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For Pair Team, Accessibility Is About Delivering Healthcare To Those Who Need It The Most

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Our philosophy of care

Built on Trust

We believe that the foundation of effective healthcare lies in building and nurturing trust. Our patients can always count on us to be transparent, genuine, and compassionate in every interaction, ensuring they feel heard, valued, and respected.

Whole-Person Care

Beyond addressing specific health concerns, we focus on the entire well-being of our patients. Recognizing that physical, mental, emotional, and social factors are interconnected, our holistic approach ensures that every facet of a patient's health is given attention.

Community Collaboration

Healthcare isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. That's why we co-design our partnerships with community organizations to better engage patients in their care plans. By tapping into local insights and listening, we ensure that care is tailored, relevant, and truly effective.

Our Outcomes

Our care model is designed from best practices and leading care delivery organizations. Through our Community Health Platform, we are scaling our impact nationally.
lives under management
reduction in
emergency room visits
of patients re-established with primary care (who were previously unengaged)
Improving outcomes and changing lives.

I prayed for people to keep me accountable. Mental health, physical health, all have been improving. I’m winning as a person, I learned how to cope and find routine that fits. I didn’t have a job when I started this, now I have a job. You’re one of the people who [helped me]. This changed my life for the better.

With the help from you and your team, I was able to regain: my smile, my personality, and my self confidence.

You have built up my self esteem and cared about me. I am totally grateful as you have helped so much. You guys are my guardian angels. It is hard for me to ask for help.

Doing everything alone, working, providing for my daughter is really hard. I want and know I need a checkup, etc. I want to do everything but I just need that push. Nice to know someone's working with me to get through it all.

Before, I felt like I was screaming and no one was hearing me. God brought you into my life.

I'm so very thankful for you and I’m glad your team is here to help people like us navigate the system. I’ve worked in agriculture for 20 years and it has destroyed my body. In the five clinics I’ve gone to since I’ve been here, no one has taken the time to explain the disability system so I can focus on healing.