Primary Care

Population Health
Gap Closure
Risk Scoring
Annual Visits
ED Follow Ups
on Autopilot
The digital front-door for your practice.
Improve outcomes. Control costs.
Meet Your New Care Team
Automation backed by a
care team.
Simplify care delivery.
Without Us
Monitor Payer Portals
Monitor multiple payor portals and stay up to date on contract requirements.
Patient Outreach and Scheduling
Call patients one by one while balancing the demands of a clinic.
Manage Patient Forms
Manage patient forms prior to appointments, delaying start times.
Referral Management
Busy, dedicated and expensive staff for managing referrals with unknown outcomes.
With Us
Continuous Data Monitoring
Timely care ensured by real-time notifications from care gap eligibility and external data feeds.
Digital Front Door
Modernized patient engagement over SMS/email with a responsive care team.
Visit Preparation
Comprehensive pre-visit preparation with e-forms, patient education, and provider checklists.
Post-Visit Coordination
End-to-end referral, imaging and lab coordination.
Keep your schedule filled with
clinically impactful and efficient visits.

your healthcare data.

Today's system is failing.

3 out of 4
patients don't get annual visits
1 out of 2
patients don't get ED follow ups
2 out of 3
of ED visits are avoidable
2% margins
primary care's razor thin financials
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