Enhanced Care Management
ECM is a new Medi-Cal benefit for people with complex needs and who are facing difficult life and health circumstances. ECM complements primary care to address systemic issues and ultimately improve patient outcomes.
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1.2 million
Medi-Cal patients qualify for ECM
improved rate of engagement under ECM
reduction in ED visits under ECM
Unlock growth with ECM
ECM is a proven program for Medi-Cal to help high-risk members of your community that aren’t getting sufficient help today
Increase revenue
ECM pays per patient per month for every engaged member enrolled into your program.
New patients
Community-based organizations will refer new patients to be part of ECM.
ECM helps engage your high-risk patients that have become frustrated with the healthcare system.
Quality measures
ECM helps patients access preventative care, improving quality scores and value-based payments.
Pair Team builds, staffs, and operates ECM for you
ECM on your own
  • 6+ months to launch a program
  • You are responsible for operations, compliance, billing, and reporting
  • Recruit, hire, train, and manage a new staff dedicated to ECM
  • Lose money each month you don’t meet your enrollment targets
  • Build your own community partnerships to generate new patient referrals
Partnering with Pair Team
60 days to launch a program
We take care of everything so you can continue to focus on primary care
Partner with a top-tier Care Team built specifically for your community
No financial risk, just upside. With our profit-sharing model, earn revenue for every patient in the program
Connect instantly to our continuously expanding network of CBOs
Who qualifies for ECM?
High-risk members of the community, including those who are experiencing:
Substance use disorder
Severe mental illness
High utilization of emergency departments, hospitals, or short-term SNFs
Jacky has not had permanent housing for over 2 years and struggles to see a psychiatrist for medication refills.
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