Our Mission

To simplify healthcare for everyone.
Patients, Providers, Staff, and Administrators.
Founding Story
Cassie and I met in 2016, building tech-enabled primary care practices together. We’d spend late nights bonding, me writing code and her writing clinical playbooks. While teaching each other our respective crafts, we not only built a friendship but discovered a shared sense of duty towards improving care as our life’s work. Cassie had left her career as a critical care nurse, fed up by the status quo of misaligned incentives and was drawn towards technology as a way to innovate. As a child, I grew up around extreme social and economic disparities, making it clear that nothing else matters if you don’t have your health.

In early 2019, we joined forces to found Pair Team in the SF Bay Area and were accepted into YCombinator’s summer 2019 batch to address the fundamental operational challenges of care. By focusing on the infrastructure that primary care practices are built on, we knew that we could raise the status quo and ensure no patients fell through the cracks while protecting clinical staff from burnout. Technology has advanced considerably across all other domains, yet medical assistants are still using sticky-notes to track follow ups and patients never recieve promised callbacks. We are on a mission to change that and simplify healthcare for patients, providers, staff, and administrators.

At Pair Team, we provide the wrap-around technology and care team to automate clinical operations and provide high-touch patient support. While technology can drastically improve quality of life for clinical staff and scale physicians, meaningful patient relationships cannot be automated and our care team acts as an extension of the clinics we support. With the transition to value-based care, we saw an opportunity to modernize clinics and help them succeed in new payment models that valued high quality care. In particular, the clinics in underserved communities that never would have access to the technology advancements of more urban health systems.

We never anticipated that when we launched we would see an even more compelling need to support primary care. Due to COVID, primary care has faced existential financial risks with more than two thirds of clinics on the brink of bankruptcy and 40% of patients delaying care. At the same time, Medicaid enrollment rates have more than doubled with more than 15 million people losing their employment-based health coverage. With state spending expected to increase by as much as 10% to support just Medicaid patients, how are we supposed to sustain our primary care network?

Never before has reimagining the operations of primary care been so necessary, to infrastructurally improve outcomes while reducing costs. Our model is built to wrap-around existing clinics to be impactful on day 1 and automate operations to ensure evidence-based standards of care are met. And we have proven ourselves during COVID by tripling the rate of preventative care visits for our clinics while increasing revenue by 15% through care quality incentives.

On Dec 9, we announced our seed funding and finally came out of stealth after bringing on some incredible investors and advisors, including Mamoon Hamid, general partner at Kleiner Perkins, and Paul Cohen, COO of Galileo Health. We are grateful for the opportunity to build the future of operations infrastructure in primary care - you can read all about it here.

Our journey is just beginning to improve patient care across the country...
Paul Cohen
COO at Galileo Health
Erinne Dyer
EVP of Growth at Enverra
Aaliya Yaqub, MD
Medical Founder at Forward
Denise Cuddeback
fmr VP of Patient Experience at Atrium Health
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